A global heart with an Australian soul.
A model, writer, storyteller and activist - a millennial with a passion for creating - be it with words or images. Mignon French is a name you won’t forget.


With her first passport stamp at three weeks old and a deep inquisitive intellect, her childhood spent in America was one bursting with love, travel and creativity. She was exploring museums with her mother before she could walk and asking questions as soon as she could converse.

She was forever telling stories, performing to her audience of birds,
“I would write operas and sing them to the birds that I had cast as characters in my play.  I have always had a
deep love of animals, the outdoors and of telling stories to bring happiness to others.”

Today Mignon calls Queensland Australia and Abruzzo Italy  home. Her days when not at school, are buried in a book or penning her musings, or are spent outdoors riding horses on her family’s rural acreage where the sea breeze touches green fields.  

Mignon’s appeal is infinite, her story and spirit grounded in absolute authenticity.  A teen passionate about giving a new voice, a real and authentic voice to global brands as she documents life as a teen. Creating a platform that  exists as a true reflection of her story, an honest account of her likes and dislikes, a celebration of that which she genuinely loves.

Currently her ebook, “ How to Punch Soren McKinin” published under her alias Chatachino has achieved worldwide success. Ranked #6 of Teen Fiction on Wattpad, it has been read by 3.7+ million and rising. Mignon’s ability to anticipate the needs and desires of the teen market, to speak to the heart of her audience unparalleled.

Mignon’s dreams and plans are grand. To use her storytelling to share with the world a little of what she loves. Using her modelling portfolio and written words to highlight social injustices and animal activism. But above all to bring happiness and to celebrate life in all its beauty.

“And Max, The King of all Wild Things, was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him most of all.”
- Where The Wild Things Are


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